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US ZIP Codes

Search for 13145 Alpine Ridge RD in Cheyenne, Wyoming, 82009, in any on-line mapping site, like Google or Bing Maps. They will not locate it properly on a map. Google’s Geocoding API returns an accuracy level of ”geometric center.” Bing Maps returns a “PostCode1.” Pitney Bowes returns a “Z1,” which is short hand for a ZIP Code centroid. In other words, the exact location on the map of the address has not yet been digitally captured. Therefore, it is not yet possible to plot it – at least not by a machine.

This question is another one of those, “if I got a stamp for every time I heard” stories. From the Census Bureau, you cannot get ZIP Codes, at any price, free or otherwise. Instead, the Bureau makes available a geographic product called ZIP Code Tabulation Areas,” or ZCTATM for short.

Have you ever produced in Power View or Power Map a USA wide report that includes all ZIP Codes in the US, and wondered why the New England states and New Jersey disappeared?