Search for 13145 Alpine Ridge RD in Cheyenne, Wyoming, 82009, in any on-line mapping site, like Google or Bing Maps. They will not locate it properly on a map. Google’s Geocoding API returns an accuracy level of ”geometric center.” Bing Maps returns a “PostCode1.” Pitney Bowes returns a “Z1,” which is short hand for a ZIP Code centroid. In other words, the exact location on the map of the address has not yet been digitally captured. Therefore, it is not yet possible to plot it – at least not by a machine.

Submit Ireland’s famous “Blarney Stone” to Bing Maps’ and Google’s geocoding APIs and both will return its map coordinates, rather precisely too. Bing Maps geocodes it’s location to Latitude 51.929092, Longitude -8.570564; and Google to Longitude 51.929019, Latitude -8.570338. That’s a difference of about 14 meters. Neither is accurate enough to kiss it, but both do at least get you to the front door. Try that with a traditional enterprise geocoder and you’ll get nowhere.

Why did Power Map plot Lake County, Colorado, in Indiana, adjacent to Lake Michigan? In the Power Map below, the extra tall, beige, bar over Indiana really belongs in Colorado. The tall bars in Alabama and Maryland also are out of place. What’s going on here?