Bad Data Handbook (Mapping the World of Data Problems)

Bad Data Handbook (Mapping the World of Data Problems)


Q. Ethan McCallum

Why I Recommend It: 


“Bad” data is never dull. If you are into ETLs and EDWs, and your data sources were prepared by aliens from another planet, then this book is a must read. On one level it’s a highly entertaining read; yet it has lots of practical tips and code recipes for surviving and even thriving when bad data invades.

The military has a saying, “no plan survives contact with the enemy.” When building a data warehouse and requisite ETL processes, your first contact with the enemy is on the Extract front. Assuming you make it through, you quickly slam into the Transform front. This book will help you make it through to the Load front, and live to tell about it.

Like a lot of books in my library, I finally get around to reading them some months after I’ve bought them. Definitely, I don’t regret adding this one to my collection. If you want a copy, I originally found it on O’Reilly’s book store.  (The link below references iTunes, but it actually takes you to the O'Reilly store.)

Topics Covered: 

It's a couple of years old, but I doubt if it's aged much.

Not surprisingly, the book has little to say about spatial data.  Something for me to do!